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Efflorescence Removal

Understanding Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a common occurrence in British Columbia, manifesting as a crystalline deposit of salts, typically white, on porous cement-based surfaces. This phenomenon happens when the sun's warmth draws soluble salts out to the surface of materials such as brick, concrete masonry, mortar, stucco, and natural stone. Efflorescence can be seen on walls, floors, retaining walls, and various porous structures. Fortunately, this condition is not permanent and can be both removed and prevented with the right treatment.


We prioritize the integrity and appearance of your concrete surfaces, ensuring they're not only visually appealing but also structurally sound. Understanding the challenges of efflorescence and its impact, our approach is tailored to address these concerns effectively and safely. For persistent efflorescence, our gentle yet efficient walnut shell blasting technique removes significant deposits, followed by the application of eco-friendly solutions that leave your surfaces clean and environmentally safe.

Post-cleaning, we highly recommend the application of Dynacrete® PIM+ or Dynacrete® PIM+ Type S. These innovative treatments are designed to deeply penetrate and permanently transform your concrete at the molecular level. Dynacrete® PIM+ reacts with the concrete's internal voids, creating a non-water-soluble silica/glass crystal barrier that prevents liquid penetration, enhances hardness by approximately 1500 psi, and inhibits moisture wicking. This permanent glass impregnation makes the concrete resistant to efflorescence, mold formation, and future damage from environmental factors like rain and abrasion, significantly extending the life and beauty of your surfaces.

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Efflorescence Prevention & Protective Solutions

Envio Pressure Washing introduces Dynacrete® PIM+, a cutting-edge Permanent Internal Membrane solution that redefines the standards for concrete protection. Beyond its eco-friendly and non-toxic qualities, Dynacrete® PIM+ offers unparalleled protection against efflorescence and environmental damages to concrete, brick, and porous materials. With Dynacrete® technology, your surfaces gain a formidable shield against a variety of elements, ensuring their integrity and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

The science of Dynacrete® PIM+ is founded on an advanced protective mechanism. Upon application, it initiates a chemical reaction that not only forms a durable internal membrane but also significantly hardens the surface, making it resistant to moisture, efflorescence, and external wear. This process guarantees a long-lasting enhancement of both the functional and visual quality of your concrete surfaces.

The Science Behind Permanent Internal Membranes (PIM)

Dynacrete® PIM operates on an advanced level of protective science. When applied, it delves beneath the surface, initiating a chemical reaction with the concrete's inherent alkali and lime. This interaction produces a silica gel. If not dealt with, as a result of these salts being pulled to the surface and no longer providing the necessary internal structure, the mortar or concrete will revert to plain sand. The silica gel then transforms into a membrane within the concrete's pores. Within 72 hours, this membrane hydrates into a form of glass, effectively and permanently sealing the concrete. This innovative process ensures your surfaces are fortified against future damage, preserving their integrity and appearance.

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