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Envio Pressure Washing extends its expertise to the commercial sector, offering comprehensive pressure washing services that cater to businesses and strata properties. Our professional team is adept at maintaining the cleanliness and visual appeal of various outdoor spaces, including grounds, sidewalks, parkades, and storefronts. We specialize in the removal of stubborn residues, such as gum and grime, utilizing industry-leading equipment to ensure your commercial property presents the best possible image to clients and visitors. Our services not only enhance the appearance of your property but also contribute to a safer, more inviting environment for potential customers and residents.

Understanding the diverse needs of commercial clients, Envio Pressure Washing provides both cold and hot pressure washing options to tackle different types of dirt and buildup. Hot pressure washing is ideal for eliminating oil, grease, and other tough stains, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like parkades and service bays, while cold pressure washing can be employed for general cleaning tasks that require a gentler approach. Our flexible scheduling means minimal disruption to your business operations, ensuring that our services are delivered at a time that best suits your needs. With Envio Pressure Washing, you can trust that your commercial property will not only be clean but also reflect the professional standards of your business.

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Curb Appeal Enhancement

Boost the visual appeal of your business and strata properties with a thorough cleaning of sidewalks, parkades, and storefronts, leaving a positive first impression on clients and residents.

Extended Property Lifespan

Regular pressure washing helps to prevent the decay and wear of building materials, prolonging the life of your propertys exterior.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Preventive cleaning is a cost-effective solution compared to the high expenses of repair and restoration due to neglect, reducing long-term maintenance costs.


Maintain a safe and hygienic environment by eliminating slick substances such as algae and oil, which if left unchecked, can lead to hazardous slip and fall incidents.

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Andrea N

North Vancouver, BC

" Contacted Envio for a short-notice job and they absolutely delivered! Not only were they able to accommodate my schedule requests, but Kolton did an outstanding job and was extremely professional. I would recommend them to anyone looking for exterior home cleaning and won’t hesitate to use them again in the... "

Yimmy Richmond

North Vancouver, BC

" I appreciate the amazing work and he went above and beyond to fit me in. I would recommend to anyone "

Laura Beveridge

North Vancouver, BC

" Positive: Quality, Value "

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