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Preparing Your Property for Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

What to do before your property is ready for pressure washing or soft washing by a professional company.

What to do before your property is ready for pressure washing or soft washing by a professional company.

Enhance your home’s exterior appearance through pressure and soft washing, efficient and effective methods to renew your property’s look. Curb Appeal Power Cleans skilled team uses cutting-edge equipment and modern techniques for deep cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces, employing both high-pressure water for tough grime and soft washing techniques for delicate areas.

This guide outlines critical steps to prep your home, ensuring it remains unscathed during our thorough cleaning service. Given the complexity of managing high water volumes and specific cleaning agents, it’s vital to mitigate any risks, particularly near electrical fixtures.

Seal All Openings

Ensure windows and doors are tightly closed to prevent water ingress. Place towels inside along doors and windows for extra leak protection. Seal any cracks, keyholes, and ventilation spaces, or inform our team about them for tailored cleaning precautions.

Remove Movable Items

With the forceful water spray from pressure washing and the need to avoid contact with soft washing solutions on certain items, its wise to relocate outdoor furniture, decorations, and any valuables. Additionally, park vehicles in a garage or away from the cleaning zone to protect them from water and solution spray.

Protect Stationary Objects and Plants

For heavy or immovable objects, like stone benches or sculptures, we offer protective covers. While our soft washing solutions are plant-safe, the pressure from water can harm foliage. We recommend moving potted plants away and covering sensitive landscape features.

Need help with these preparations? Our team can assist in safeguarding your valuable items.

Waterproof Electrical Outlets

Prioritizing the safety of electrical outlets is crucial. Prevent water and cleaning solutions from entering outlets by unplugging extension cords and securely sealing outlets with waterproof materials.

Safeguard Children and Pets

Ensure the well-being of children and pets by keeping them indoors or in a safe location away from the cleaning area. The high pressure and chemicals used in our cleaning processes could pose risks to their safety.

Taking these preparatory steps helps protect your property and ensures a more efficient cleaning process. Whether opting for the robust cleaning power of pressure washing or the gentle effectiveness of soft washing, your home is in capable hands with Curb Appeal Power Clean.

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